Who are the TPN assessors?

Individual assessors (not audit firms) will undergo a strict review and approval process as to their expertise in securing pre-release, entertainment content. Vendors will hire a Qualified Assessor from the TPN database and will schedule their assessment and manage the process via the secure online platform.

How are TPN Qualified Assessors accredited?

TPN assessors go through a careful screening of their credentials and experience in the industry auditing information security and entertainment assets. There is also a technical test and vetting process for the assessor to gain the accreditation.

What types of facilities are assessed?

Currently, the TPN is available to provide assessments of most production, post-production, and distribution operations throughout the entertainment supply chain. Your facility’s specific services will be determined and addressed during the TPN assessment process.

Is the TPN international, and if so, where does the TPN perform assessments?

The TPN serves the international community with assessors available to address facilities in most geographic regions of the world.

How much does a TPN assessment cost?

The cost of an assessment is negotiated, on a case-by-case basis, between the TPN Qualified Assessor and the vendor making the assessment request. The TPN has no control of the pricing models of individual assessors and/or their firms.

Who pays for the TPN assessment?

Assessment fees are underwritten by the vendor. Assessment reports are shared within the TPN platform and can also be shared with customers outside the TPN at the vendor’s discretion. Content owners may also opt to pay for individual TPN assessments.

What do I get for my assessment fee?

Your assessment fee gets your facility reviewed by a TPN Qualified Assessor of your choosing, a thorough assessment report with suggested remediations and improvements, and visibility in the vendor roster within the TPN Platform. Additionally, once your assessment has been completed through the TPN, we follow up on remediation items and update your facility data. We also provide an annual assessment certificate and the TPN logo to display to acknowledge participation. TPN will work with you to keep your status current through annual assessments.

What are the criteria (standards) the TPN assessors review my facility against?

The TPN assesses against a set of controls specific to your business operations and are directly based on the industry-recognized MPA content security best practices.

How frequent are the TPN assessments?

Due to the dynamic nature of the content security landscape, and the ongoing development and refinement of security controls, TPN assessments renew annually.

Who gets to see my TPN Assessment Report?

A TPN Assessment Report will be visible to content owners that are a part of the TPN, as well as our internal quality assurance experts. No other vendors, competitors or otherwise, will be able to see your assessments or any information contained within. Additionally, if you funded your TPN facility assessment you may share your TPN Assessment Report with anyone you wish.

Who recognizes the TPN logo / assessment?

The major Hollywood motion picture studios and many others in the industry participated in the development of this program.

Does the TPN assessment substitute for ISO or other standards bodies?

The TPN assessment and credential is designed to be the benchmark for the film and television industry’s handling of content across all phases of the supply chain. It is based on the widely recognized MPA content security best practices. Our content owner participants have agreed that this assessment, and the TPN Platform, will be their reference tool in business decisions regarding content security. The TPN assessment is not a substitute for ISO or other standards bodies not specific to our industry.

Does the TPN endorse, evaluate, or recommend hardware or software solutions for security?

At this time, the TPN does not evaluate or address specific hardware or software solutions at the product or service level. The TPN is focused on assessments of facilities and workflows that directly handle intellectual property and programming content of creators and title rights holders.

How do I become a TPN Qualified Assessor?

For more details about the qualifications and process to become a TPN Qualified Assessor, submit your information here.